Canada makes over $80 billion per year from its tourism alone. It is undeniable that this country is world-renowned due to its highly urban places and its cold weather. To give you an overview of Canadian Tourism, here are some of the pointers that might come in handy:


The ease of foreigner access in Canada depends on which country will you be coming from. In all cases, you would need to prepare a valid passport from your country. For countries registered in the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) program, it will take only a couple of minutes and they can already enter the Canadian borders. For those countries which aren’t ETA registered, tourists would need to apply for a short-term Canadian tourist visa. If you’re already done with the processing of these documents, you would then want to know the baggage restrictions. The following are the basic baggage checklist for a Canadian tourist:

Tobacco and Alcohol

You can bring a generous amount of tobacco (up to 200 grams) and alcohol (up to 1.5 litres) past the Canadian border officers as long as these are for personal consumption and not for trading.


Each type of food that you bring will be subject to different rules and regulations. Each will be inspected and it can only pass through if it isn’t for trading unless you can present a license for international commercial trading.


Dangerous weapons such as guns and sharp-edged metals will be surrendered at the immigrations office for safety purposes.

Another thing is that, upon getting your Canadian visa or ETA approved, you’ll have to secure a medical certificate indicating that you are clear from any disease that can be potentially epidemic.


Most of the time, Canadian weather is snowy, wet and cold. It will be good for winter sports and snow-related activities but may not be as much for wandering through cities or hiking. You may book your trip in time with the Canadian spring so you can stroll around freely.


As per the current economic status of Canada, their dollars are weaker in comparison to other countries’ currencies. This means that you can afford necessities and commodities at a cheaper price.


Canada’s ambiance isn’t that far from America’s. Canada might appear as a highly intimidating place to some, but it’s just like visiting any other country; the food, the brands, the places–except that Canada promises a safe and memorable trip all throughout