Vaping is perceived to be less harmful than normal cigarettes and can help users eradicate addiction. However, any type of government needs to protect the people from any possible consequences.

As of now, the personal use of vaping Montreal is legal even though some restrictions are only based on municipal, territorial, or provincial levels. Moreover, there is a worldwide law that protects non-smokers by prohibiting the use of vapes in federal-based buildings.

But what are the rules for vaping in Canada? Check out the following provinces to learn more.

British Columbia

In 2015, the British government enacted the Tobacco and Vapour Product Control Act, which took effect on 1st September 2016. This legislation mainly covered the following topics:

For vape stores, only 2 people can enter the shop when sampling vape products.

Prohibits users from using vapes in public areas like near air intakes, open windows, and doorways that are within six meters.

Prevents the sale of vape products to individuals under 19 years.

Bans users from smoking in healthy facilities apart from designated places.

Fortunately, British Columbia law allows you to vape on a patio on the condition that you are seated 6 meters away from the door without any open windows nearby.


Most parts of Alberta do not contain certain laws about using vapes inside public places like restaurants, bars, and more. However, some of these buildings may have individual laws, so ensure you check with them first.

But this does not mean that the Alberta government is reckless about protecting the locals’ health. For this reason, they usually include a warning in vape products, informing them that they are not tested. Moreover, in June 2015, the Calgary City Council enacted a law that bans the use of e-cigarettes in areas that prohibits smoking.


Similar to British Columbia, the issuing, buying, and using of vape products is restricted to minors under 19 years. Furthermore, customers need to provide approved identifications from the government before purchasing e-cigarettes.

Apart from this, there are no other specific laws that apply inside public establishments, even though they can still make up personal rules.


The vaping industry in Manitoba province is governed by Bill 30, which is commonly referred to as the Non-Smokers Health Protection Amendment Act. This Bill permits the use of e-cigarettes only in designated areas in hotels or group living establishments. Furthermore, it allows you to use vape products in vape stores freely.

Nova Scotia

On 31st May 2015, Nova Scotia passed a law that was meant to treat e-cigarettes like normal cigarettes. This applies to the ban that prohibits the sale of vape products to minors who are under 19 years. Moreover, the law bans the use of e-cigarettes in public settings unless there are designated areas.

When you visit other provinces in Canada like Quebec, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Islands, New Brunswick, and more, no specific rules or include laws that protect non-smokers. Therefore, ensure you understand the vaping rules of each province before you use your e-cigarette in public.


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