Travelling with CBD products is very easy nowadays as most people apply different modes of transportation. However, Budpod suggests you still need to understand the domestic laws and conduct thorough research.

If you are still confused about travelling with CBD across the globe, check out this article to stay well-informed. We conducted a thorough study and contacted the local administration to inquire about travelling with CBD.

Below is how you can travel with CBD:

By Train and Other Means of Transportation

The same rules and regulations for travelling with CBD by train apply even to other transit means. You can use the train and bus to transit the legalized hemp-derived CBD within the state borders. When using trains and businesses for global connections, you must follow the rules regulating CBD hemp products within your country.

By Car

There is no need to worry when travelling via a private vehicle when you’re bringing with you CBD products. You must only ensure you fully adhere to the set local laws. Also, crossing within the state borders with your CBD won’t be impossible. However, just ensuring that the THC content is within or below the lawful limit is advisable to be safe.

Also, take note that Hemp-derived CBD has a different treatment compared to other CBD products from marijuana. It is unnecessary to carry the content in an enclosed can or state your possession upon being stopped. Travellers could take the products around without fear in countries with legalized CBD.

On the Flights

Nowadays, most airports across the globe have transformed most of their policies. So long as the traveller has a legal product departing from these ports is relatively easy. However, it may be difficult to take CBD on a plane to a country that has not legalized it.

Therefore, it is advisable to be sure that the countries you visit have made it legal. Other than that, you can find yourself serving a jail term for smuggling illegal substances. Violating domestic laws has jailed many people for being caught with CBD products in airports.

Travelling With CBD Products Within America

Travelling with CBD in America is mainly governed by federal and state laws. Nowadays, it is much simpler to move around the US since the 2018 Farm Bill was passed. After successfully removing it from the Controlled Substances Act, Hemp is currently termed agricultural produce.

This means that hemp and other hemp-derived CBD products have been legalized in at least 50 countries, provided they hold less than 0.3% THC. Countries can embrace the national law for the federal laws or develop new policies.

Even as most of the travellers still fear facing legal charges or being delayed in their flight, the truth of the matter is travelling with CBD is becoming rampant day in and day out. For travellers who want to move around the globe with CBD products, it is recommendable to have an analysis document at hand. Besides, take ample time to research more on the laws and regulations in your destination.


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